ABYS “Always By Your Side” 「友」你同行


The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK)


Kwan Shun Ting (Project Leader)
Hong Pui Kei
Wong Yau Fai
Ng Ching Wa
Man Yin Kwan
Lee Long Yat


Yip Ho King
Student Counselor
Hang Seng Management College


With a strong determination to provide positive, supportive and energetic college life for HSUHK students, the team decided to deliver student initiated and mutual support programs.


ABYS “Always By Your Side” 「友」你同行 was designed to foster a positive and caring atmosphere on the HSUHK campus, promote help-seeking behavior when having emotional distress or feeling suicidal, and remove the stigma around mental illness. This project also aimed to train a group of Peer mentors who were able to identify and assist students with social adjustment or psychological problems, and give a referral to professional help when necessary.

The first part of the project was Peer Mentors Training. With a series of training activities led by counselors, including Overnight Training Camp and OH Card Workshops, newly-recruited Peer Mentors were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to help their peers. After training, Peer Mentors were given the opportunities to design and implement several campus caring activities for their peers throughout the year. These activities included Finger Dance Video Campaign, Partner Yoga Workshop, Day Trip with Archery Battle and BBQ, Laughter Yoga Workshop, Cooking Mama Workshop, and Life Garden Workshop. The team also set up Cheering Station during mid-term and final exam period on campus to deliver positive energy and care to students. The dedication and efforts of the Peer Mentors were appreciated in Peer Mentors Recognition Ceremony at the end of the school year.

In the training camp, the Peer Mentors successfully overcame physical barriers in a rope course challenge, and have learnt to trust each other and cooperate as a team. The training camp and the OH card workshops also served as a stepping stone for Peer Mentors to understand themselves and other teammate well, which in return, assisted them to organize various Student Initiated event together. These events enabled peers from various years of the university to establish a new supporting network with other students and Peer Mentors. Moreover, Peer Mentors also reported to perceive their lives more positively, had a deeper understanding of mental health knowledge, and an improvement in communication and cooperation skills after the project.

5700 students

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