Here We Are 結伴行


Hong Kong Shue Yan University


Wong Chun Kit (Project Leader)
CHU Man Ho (Project Leader)
Ko Man
Cho Lok Yi
Yu Yee Tsun Tiffany
Lo Lok Ching
Leung Ka Yan
Cheung Shing Hin
Tam Tsz Ching
Tse Ka Ho


Dr. Raymond C F Chui
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work
Hong Kong Shue Yan University


The team has a vision to create a mutual supporting atmosphere among Hong Kong Shue Yan University students. Team members were determined to enhance students’ willingness to seek help by recruiting and training Peer Buddies to organize different workshops and mass event.


The team believed after attending their activities, the participants were able to: 1) gain knowledge about mental health, 2) apply skills and strategies to tackle stress in their daily lives,3) identify and make referral to professionals for students in need and/or engage in help-seeking themselves, and 4) widen the mutual supporting network among students.

Two training workshops and one mental health first-aid certificate course were conducted with a group of students who wished to become Mental Health Peer Buddies. These courses aimed at increasing students’ knowledge on suicidal prevention, skills in tackling stress, and widen their peer support network on campus. Moreover, two stress-relieving activities, including an Archery Tag activity and a cookies workshop, were organized for students. In addition, these encounters allowed ‘Peer Buddies’ to reach out to students in need. Besides the above activities, a 3-day mass event with activities was organized by the Peer Buddies for all students on campus. Activities included a mini concert, game booth and exhibition, all aimed at raising students’ awareness of mental health, and promoting the initiative of help seeking. Finally, students also organized a cheering station during exam period to show support to schoolmates. They have also set up a Facebook page for mental health promotion.

A group of students were trained to become Peer Buddies after attending training workshops and mental health first aid certificate course. They have gained better understanding on the importance of mental health, ways for stress relieve and help-seeking pathways. In addition, Archery Tag, and cookie workshop had provided students with a chance to meet new friends, while relieving their stress with various fun games and activities. Furthermore, a mass event, “Here We Are”, was held on campus, which consisted of display boards showing game booths, along with dancing and music performances. Based on students’ reports, the mass event was successfully implemented, where the fellow students in Hong Kong Shue Yan University had understood further the importance of mental health and ways to handle stress effectively.

3900 students

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