Joy in HKUST


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Chan Kai Ho, Hercules (Project leader)
Wong Yat Chuk, Amy
Leung Roxana
Sonal Govila


Kwok Lai Kuen, Vava
Student Counsellor
Student Affairs Office
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology




In The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), team members of Joy in HKUST have realized students at UST have relatively high level of stress and are always complaining about school work or career. They have overlooked the importance of their mental well-being. Furthermore, HKUST has been also known as “The Hong Kong University of Stress and Tension”, which is relate to the strong stigma and misunderstanding of mental health problems at school. Students tend to have poor understanding of different mental health problems.


The Joy in HKUST team have a firm believe that it is necessary to raise the awareness of mental health and remove the stigma of HKUST in campus. In short run, they hope to foster positivity on campus and arouse people’s interest in mental health related issues through various campaigns. In the long run, they hope to achieve a goal of promoting positive mindset of students and ultimately reduce stigma.


A series of campaign has been designed for HKUST students to relieve their stress and improve understanding on mental health issues. This project is mainly divided into two parts, mental health promotion in campus and mobile application to relieve stress and encourage physical exercise.

Mental Health Promotion in campus

  • Social media
    • Created a facebook page where photos of events and campaigns were shared
  • JoyGo Campaign
    • Students have written positive quotes to a mailbox
    • Student have also actively shared positive messages on Facebook
  • Hoodie promotion
    • Distributed free hoodies printed with “ University of Sunshine and Tomorrow”

Mobile App – Void
A Mobile App is created to focus on relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. It consists of a step by step guided audio program for students to reduce physiological bodily arousal and enhance mental health states.


Two main objectives were achieved.

  1. Increased the awareness of mental health issues, and to reduce stigmatization around these topics. This was done through the distribution of hoodie, where University of Sunshine and Tomorrow was promoted, in the aim of reducing the stigma of University of Stress and Tension in HKUST.
  2. Provided methods for students to deal with stress through the broadcasting of positivity and stress management tool on campus. During the distribution of hoodies, positivity were also spread to students, where the rationale of these activities were explained. Furthermore, JoyGo Campaign has also attracted students to leave down positive messages on Facebook, so as to cultivate a positive atmosphere on social media and of campus.

820 students

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