Shall We Talk


Hong Kong Baptist University


Wan Ka Long (Project Leader)
Ngan Tsz Yan
Kwok Hau Ming
Sin Lok Yan
Lo Chi Kin
Lee Pui Man
Cheng Siu Yu


Mr. Fong Cheuk Lung
Social Worker
Christian Family Service Centre

With the increasing number of suicide incidents since September, 2015, “Shall We Talk” has decided to promote mental health and prevent suicide through drama production. Bringing the awareness of university students, this project aimed at reducing stigma, promoting help seeking behaviour through drama showcases and enhancing positive wellbeing among not only BU students, but also students from other universities that have high suicidal rate.

This project aims at supporting students who suffer from emotional distress or those at risk of suicide. Through raising of others’ mental health awareness, the team hopes to effectively identify and assist those who are at risk of committing suicide. The storyline of the drama intended to spread positivity and aimed at promoting the importance of suicide prevention, reduce stigma of mental disorders and increase help-seeking behaviours.

A drama production was performed and targeted to promote help seeking behaviour among those who have emotional distress. It was a self-directed play, lasted for 90 minutes, and included three individual storylines. A group discussion was followed subsequently after the show. During the production, audience were being exposed to a variety of ways to prevent suicide and interventions for those with emotional disturbance, i.e. Interpersonal Psychotherapy.


Good impact was found among target group. Audiences were invited to complete a questionnaire after the production. 136 questionnaires were collected. Many of them agreed the drama has enhanced their awareness on suicide problems and prevention, their mental health knowledge and the importance of addressing mental health issues in universities.

Audiences have also given lots of positive and encouraging feedbacks on the showcase. Some shared experiences on handling stress and showed caring to others, while others shared their reflection on suicide and how it has affected their lives.

900-1200 recipients

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