WeCare Fund Project – THEi

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

Ip Ming Yan & Sze Ho Shing (Project Leader)
Wong Suet Yi
Tang Shun Kei
Man Ho Fung
Farah Rayan Hassan Mustafa

Dr. Leung Yuen Ling, Leona
Teaching Fellow
Department of Food and Health Sciences
Faulty of Science and Technology
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

To foster positive emotions and enhance the public awareness on mental health issues among students of Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), this project mainly focused on three aspects, including research, prevention and intervention work. Students of this project have organized different events to emphasis the causes of self-harm and suicidal behaviour among individuals and promote mental health related information. Also, it has provided interventions for those in need and promoted effective ways to prevent youth suicide among students.

The aim of this project was to identify students who are at risk and provide new channels for them to seek help. Students of this project believe that if contacting students who are in emotional distress frequently and understand them better, they will be able to get help more effectively and successfully. Activities were also held to increase knowledge on the irreversibility of suicide and how to helps others and themselves. Furthermore, they believe their pioneer influences on raising awareness of suicide prevention in school may promote and alter attitude of students towards suicide.


Mental health promotion booth, self-help group and buddy scheme and mental health first aid training session were conducted. A small sample research was carried out with 18 subjects involved. They were first screened using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 to investigate common mental disorder. Those who were with low to moderate emotional disturbance were invited to join activities such as self-help group and buddying scheme. Health promotion were also carried out to introduce effective stress coping skills and information on suicide prevention. In addition, students were asked to complete homework such as writing diary, journal and exercise before the next session. Perceived Stress Scale-10 was also given out to measure change of stress level.

Committee members of the projects and other health care students have also attended mental health first aid certificate and training workshops, in aiming to develop coping strategies for students with mental problems. This also enhanced the understanding of mental health.

Besides, a help seeking protocol was set up in hoping to facilitate help seeking procedures and early identification for those who are at risk.


For communities, there is an increased awareness of mental health care issues, the signs, prevention and interventions for individuals with mental health problems. As for volunteers, there has been an enhanced awareness of mental health issues and enriched mental health knowledge. Furthermore, broadened social networks with others (e.g. students from different faculties, professional organizations) and recognized various help-seeking methods and relaxation techniques were found to be improved among subjects of this study.


490 Students

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